Membership benefits


As an Open Path member you will be actively participating in the creation of a more conscious, peaceful and loving world for all.

Members can experience an increased sense of belonging, responsibility and commitment to a larger connected community.

We believe that our Open Path members will not only experience an increased level of spiritual growth, but will also experience the opening of their hearts to all that surrounds them in this wondrous Universe that we inhabit together.

Members will receive a $5 discount on all events that they attend. For example, if the event is $20, you pay $15. In the course of a year, that will more than cover the fee associated with membership.

Members will be given the opportunity for early registration to the classes, workshops and retreat center before they are made available to the public.

Members will become an integral part of the Open Path Visioning Team and work in partnership with Open Path Leadership to help evolve the offerings we provide as well as to be a part of the ground floor of our new Retreat Center will open in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Members may take advantage of a free spiritual direction/coaching session each quarter with one of Open Path’s Spiritual Leaders. Additional sessions will be offered to members at a reduced rate of $30.

Membership benefits OPEN PATH

The Open Path Membership Program is a key part of accomplishing the mission of creating a conscious, connected spiritual community.

Our membership base provides Open Path with a financial foundation that provides for the consistent stability of Open Path. This stability allows our attention to be on programming and member support rather than searching for the money to pay the bills.

A secure financial foundation supports Open Path’s mission in that it enhances our ability to provide services and programs to those who have the financial resources as well as those who do not.

The financial stability that members provide, allows for us to be generous to those in need of generosity.

Shop for a Cause

Shop online as normal, benefit the Open Path.

Non-Profit Organization

The Open Path Retreat Center is a self-sustaining, non-profit organization. The ministry is not subsidized by any Diocese, individual church or religious congregation. All of the financial support for the Open Path Retreat Center comes from donations for the services we provide: spiritual companioning, retreats, programs; and from pledges, gifts and special fund-raisers.