Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a ministry offered by our staff and associates. In a serene setting we listen more deeply for the movement of the Spirit in our lives.

A good spiritual director acts as a ‘soul companion’ on the directee’s journey. He/she does not give directives per se; but rather helps the directee to observe, intuit, and respond to God’s presence in their life.


Need for a Spiritual direction comes when we want to develop a deeper relationship with God, when our search for God seems to be at a crossroads, when we feel the need to explore other methods of prayer; when our prayer becomes difficult, or when we sense that God wants something but we don’t know what it is.


Specifically, we can expect a one-to-one meeting, about 60 minutes in duration, during which we share what is happening in our prayer and spiritual life. In this way, the stirrings of God’s Spirit are discerned more deeply, and with them the invitation to respond creatively and resolutely. As spiritual direction is designed to assist one’s ongoing spiritual growth, it is normally scheduled on a monthly basis. Alternately, it is available upon request for day or overnight retreatants.

​We ask for a donation of $40 an hour. Spiritual companioning is available at the House of Prayer and at several other sites.